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weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program - Donna Morton

Donna Morton (Age: 67)
Yoga and qi gong instructor; consultant

Went from a size 10 to a size 4!

“I have taught yoga at West End Racquet Club for the past 14 years and have known Mitch all those years, but I did not have time to use the gym until fairly recently. When observing the trainers in the gym while working out, I realized that Mitch has an exceptional understanding of anatomy and how the body works. I chose Mitch as a trainer after observing how each of the other trainers work. Mitch’s way of working with the body is very much along the lines of everything my previous education has taught me. Mitch is personable, knowledgeable and listens to my needs and concerns.

Several years ago, a large part of my left clavicle was removed in a third surgery to that shoulder. I’ve also had three major surgeries in by abdomen and several other injuries to my body. My body contains a large amount of scar tissue. Until I started doing yoga, I spent every day in pain. The yoga, and then the qi gong have been very helpful, but I now have some significant degeneration and stenosis in my entire spine. To support the spine, it is necessary to keep my muscles strong using the weights as well as keeping my body flexible with the yoga. As long as I do my part, my body has significantly less discomfort.

My muscles have gotten stronger and the muscle definition I am getting is an added plus. It is fun to watch my muscles becoming more defined and this motivates me to spend more time on my own in the gym which I feel that I can safely do because of the knowledge he has imparted to me. I have and will continue to recommend Mitch to my friends, especially those who have had injuries or other health concerns.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

Rosemary Churnside (Age: 63)
Retired elementary teacher

“The health club has been a daily part of my life for a long while, and I ate many of the proper foods for healthy living. However, shortly after I retired from teaching elementary school, I learned that I had an Acoustic Neuroma, or benign brain tumor, and had to have brain surgery to remove it in January 2007. The surgery was a wonderful success, but it also came with some challenges, because the balance nerve on my right side had to be severed. Recuperation had its ups and downs, and over time, I found myself heavier than I wanted to be, and less steady on my feet, which brought me to a stumbling fall one day! It was shocking, and made me realize I needed to learn to work with my body to keep myself safer and healthier.

Our yoga instructor, Donna was working with Mitch. I value Donna’s opinion, so I asked her about her experience with this trainer. Her respect for Mitch’s knowledge of anatomy, how the body works, and nutritional information impressed me very much. So, I decided it was time for me to renew my efforts at improving my health and well-being.

Happily, I’ve lost 15 lbs., several inches, my clothes fit more appropriately, and I feel more pain-free, balanced, and graceful when I walk and move. My gait and stride have happily improved as I am able to walk along the beach now for an hour without any problems.

Mitch is extremely knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, and can impart and teach effectively from his background. He is cheerful and positive, and Mitch helped keep all my goals and efforts in perspective, working one day at a time.

In addition to choosing the appropriate gym equipment for me, and teaching me how to use it correctly, Mitch spent a great deal of time explaining details and answering my questions about nutrition, and how to maintain my optimum daily goals. He set high standards, and helped me balance my attitude when I was frustrated with plateaus. He always seemed to know when to make me try a little harder, and he helped me understand why that was important.

Mitch is extremely articulate, professional, and knowledgeable about his craft. He stays informed on current ideas in the health and nutrition fields, and he is a very good listener. Mitch consistently keeps his client’s goals and challenges in mind as he chooses the correct exercises to attain results. As a good teacher, or coach, he notes and points out things that are being done well, which items need to be done a little differently, and gives a compliment with each exercise, acknowledging our hard work! Mitch is a well-rounded individual, who can chat about many subjects, and shares helpful stories from his experiences.

Mitch would be the trainer I would recommend for anyone who is serious about changing nutritional and exercise habits in order to attain better health.

Thank you, Mitch, for all you have done to improve my nutritional awareness, help me lose weight and inches, and understand better how all my body parts work together to improve my balance and overall well-being. You make it seem so easy, but I realize all your interest in the health field and earnest efforts are behind the knowledge and poise.

Thank you for providing so much information and answering my repeated questions in various ways to help me understand. You are a superb professional, a terrific teacher, and coach!”

Aiko Shinosaki (Age: 67)
Diabetic and Cancer survivor

“I saw Mitch’s ad in the Daily Breeze “Best of the South Bay,” but I debated for 6 months before desperation time set in and I finally took the plunge.

I was getting a little porky around my midsection and abdomen, my blood sugar was erratic, and I had just finished painful therapy for a frozen rotator cuff. Plus, I have always struggled with low self-esteem, anxiety and bouts of depression. I tried to control my blood glucose on my own. I cut my calories way down and exercised like a person obsessed. My weight plummeted to 89 lbs. Then I went the other way – I started gaining weight and I developed a paunch, what my doctor called “abdominal obesity.”

It was wake-up time and time to call Mitch.

I was skeptical about his program because I’ve attended adult classes that were, unfortunately, not worth the dinero I shelled out… And I was, of course, concerned about the big bucks fitness trainers charge. I worried that with my osteoporosis, I might suffer irreparable damage, or re-injure my rotator cuff. I wondered is he going to take my money and not deliver? Or would he be a bear and send me limping back to my orthopedist? I knew I wanted a knowledgeable, competent, and dedicated trainer.

After I met with Mitch, I decided to go for it – all the way.

Mitch and I have formed a good synergistic partnership – he does the training portion, and I literally do the grunt work. Mitch is a great task-master. He puts me through my paces, without being overbearing and pushing me beyond my capabilities, but at the same time, he doesn’t baby me. Mitch is tough but gentle with a pleasant demeanor and a good sense of humor. He is also incredibly patient. Mitch keeps me focused on my goals – restoring my health, building strength and agility, changing the appearance of my body, and improving the quality of my life.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention nutrition. I’m a semi-vegetarian. Mitch has helped me balance my diet, teaching me about portions and calories, so I don’t go off the deep end in either direction (eating too little or too much). As a result, my glucose is closer to normal with fewer spikes and my blood pressure and atherosclerosis is being kept in line and my cardiovascular health, strength, endurance and posture are improving. My “abdominal obesity” is going away and, most important, my spinal osteopinea (pre-osteoporosis) has reversed. My hip still has severe osteoporosis, but, I’m hoping that I will soon be celebrating another reversal.

My exercise work ethic is evolving. My health and energy keeps improving. I’m developing a more positive outlook on life, and I’m gaining more confidence, which will help me in my quest to reinvent myself.

Thanks Mitch for your patience and for being a friend as well as my trainer / teacher.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program - Budd Downing

Budd Downing (Age: 30)

Lost 16 lbs of fat and 5″ off his waist and added 13 lbs of muscle in only 10 weeks!

“I’ve had a bad back injury so Mitch started me with an easy workout and was very helpful in describing how each exercise would affect each muscle group. Once he found what I was comfortable with, he then increased the weights as needed until he found what was best for me. I’m now on my 10th week on this program, and this is the best I’ve felt overall. I’ve passed a major weight-loss goal and have been bursting with energy ever since. Mitch is very good at what he does and I feel better to have trained with him.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

“I have more energy. I look like I dreamed of looking and I feel healthier! Thank you for providing a terrific way to get into a healthy lifestyle.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

“Everyone remarks that I look great and younger! I’ve tried this before, but I was only successful because of this program.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

Kim Gibson (Age: 39)

Lost 12 lbs. and over 3″ off her waist in 12 weeks!

“I’ve never felt better and I’m happier than ever! I have more energy, my self-esteem has improved… I’m wearing my trophy on my body.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

Don Kang (Age: 69)

Accountant & Tennis Player

“I used to suffer pains in my lower back, shoulder, and knees. My physician recommended me to hire a personal trainer to strengthen my muscles, and my son asked me to hire Mitch. His approach utilizes a variety of equipment for the muscles and many stretches which were very helpful in relaxing the muscles. I am happy that all pains are gone now and I’m very satisfied with Mitch’s training. I would recommend his services to anyone who has muscle pains.”

Sam Bunch (Age: 47)

Lost 14 lbs. of fat and gained 5 lbs. of muscle in 12 weeks!

“My arms are stronger. My waist is narrower. My hidden muscle is not so hidden anymore.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

I feel wonderful! Everything fits me better, especially my pants! Some of my clothes are just too big. – I feel in control of my body.


weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program
“I first met Mitch at West End and in his office were all kinds of framed certifications that Mitch had achieved. Very impressive, and important to me… as I wanted a trainer who had complete knowledge of his profession. I could tell by his physique, that he practiced what his training courses implied.

It’s true that I had met trainers in gyms before, however; they seemed pushy to me, but not Mitch. Mitch seemed warm and friendly, with a genuine smile. I felt comfortable right away. To me that was a huge factor in hiring Mitch as my personal trainer. So, I did… and I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision.

Since Mitch has been my trainer, he always has a positive attitude. He listens well to my concerns and answers them with full knowledge and lots of patience. When I need to ask him something over again, he always answers me again with that same patience. In other words he doesn’t mind my being a ditz at times. LOL.

I’ve had a weight problem since I was about eight yrs. old. I wasn’t in the best of health, and I had some very wrong ideas about nutrition. Mitch has really educated me on nutrition and help me apply that education, so that it will always and forever be a part of my life. Mitch has also taught me and showed me how to do the free weights and machines safely and effectively. I really need that teaching as I want quality in my life, even, when I am in my 80’s and 90’s. Mitch has assured me, that is possible. I really do believe him. And that is what I intend to achieve. Along with other goals of course. When, I have had a minor injury of one kind or another, Mitch is always there to give me advice for that. Oh yeah, and another thing. Mitch has impressed on me, the importance of stretching everyday. That is sooooo important.

Mitch is very supportive and encourages me along the way. I am still a work in progress, but Mitch has helped me attain more muscle, less fat, better nutrition, lifestyle goals. I would highly recommend Mitch to anyone, who needs to have their BEST BODY EVER. It does take awhile to learn and apply the principles, so with that in mind, I so hope that you will begin now and give Mitch a call or visit. I wish I had known sooner. Best of health to all.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

Jeanne Zaske

Artist & Tennis Player

“I had just completed knee surgery and my orthopedist recommended that I work out with a trainer to strengthen my knee. I had heard Mitch was the top trainer at West End.

Mitch Chase is an incredible personal trainer. He not only excels in routine body training, but will, with his knowledge of anatomy and how the body works, work with problem areas of your body. I am stronger now and can lift objects I never could before. Even working out only once a week has given me new strength in all areas of my body.

Whether I am pain free or if I have a particular problem injury, he works with the problem. He is consistent, yet flexible and willing to apply different approaches for different problems.

Before training with Mitch, I never wanted to take the time to train. Now, I would never quit! I have total confidence in Mitch. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy, strong body.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

Firo Nikravan

“My husband & I got to know Mitch through the West End Club around 10 years ago. I am 54 years old, but thanks to Mitch, I don’t feel that at all, and I can better enjoy my hobbies of dancing and trapeze.

What attracted me to Mitch was his attitude and his concern about our well-being. He has tremendous knowledge about the body and nutrition. I was not very much into exercising before, and didn’t pay much attention to my injuries or health. But now I feel I want to do it right. Since I have been training with Mitch, I am more enthusiastic about exercising.

What I like most about Mitch is his flexibility and helping me in the areas that I ask for to improve. One of the best things about Mitch is his accommodating & flowing with our hectic schedule without giving us an attitude. He challenges me, but makes me feel good when I accomplish them. I would recommend him to anybody.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

Maxine Brown (Age: 67)

Lost 4″ off her waist and gained muscle in 12 weeks!

“I feel stronger, lighter, healthier and more disciplined about diet and conditioning. I feel better about my appearance and my clothes fitting again and am enjoying the compliments I am receiving. Thank you Mitch for making this happen. We are all better because of you. I found out that age does not matter in strength training and one can get stronger and better regardless.”

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

weight loss testimonial personal trainer fat loss program

Wanda Trimingham (Age: 78)

Replaced 6 lbs of fat with 6 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks!

“Mitch has given me courage to take on the awesome task of reshaping my body. My new confidence in my ability to conquer the fear of failure has been an encouraging and uplifting experience.

I feel more strength and less tension these days. My clothes look better on me too. Mitch’s program is easy to follow. I enjoy my workouts. The times I use to exercise is a good and productive moment in my day.

Thank you for your help and patience. I am grateful for this experience that you have made possible.”

Participants in my 12 week program
have lost over 4,700 pounds of fat
and gained over 500 pounds of muscle!

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