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Why New Year’s Resolutions SUCK!!!

I have never made a New Year’s resolution in my life. If you’re waiting for a future date (ex: New Year) or a time when it’s more convenient to start, you’re destined to fail.


Whatever your goal: stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise, better work habits, etc. – If you need to make a change and it’s truly important to you, you start TODAY, you don’t wait for a convenient time to start.

Working out is not convenient, eating healthy takes work, any new habit requires extra thought, preparation, and time. When you have an EMOTIONAL connection to your goal and it is TRULY IMPORTANT to you because you KNOW it will make your life BETTER, you MAKE TIME for it no matter how inconvenient. You treat it like your JOB to do and you FIND A WAY to fit it in.

Some of the most successful people I know work at least 10-12 hrs a day, have kids, family obligations, responsibilities, do volunteer work, and STILL find time to workout and eat healthy. Usually, the ones who fail to achieve their goals have more wasted free time, and many more excuses.


We ALL have the same 24hrs in every day! Taking 30 minutes to exercise or prepare some healthy meals is only 2% of your day!

If it’s IMPORTANT to you, you won’t make EXCUSES. Success is not about perfection, it’s about CONSISTENCY. The daily effort you apply, maybe not 7 days a week, but working on your goal more days a week than not.

If you workout intensely for 2 hrs, twice a week, but sit on your but 5 days a week, those 5 days sitting on your butt can still have a greater impact on your health and your physique than 2 days of hard work. BUT, if you exercise for 30 min, 5 days a week you’ll benefit far more! Each day you exercise, your raising your metabolism, improving your blood glucose, making all your body’s systems work better, AND establishing your new habits as your daily routine!


Forget about making a New Year’s Resolution. Instead make a daily resolution to be just a little better disciplined, a little nicer to others, be a little better person TODAY than you were YESTERDAY. Even if you’re not perfect or miss a goal today, tomorrow is a NEW DAY, and a new opportunity to better yourself.

Nobody’s perfect. We all mess up occasionally, that doesn’t make you a failure. You only FAIL when you quit trying.

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